Utilizador Proliner Prodim Euro Marble Supply Store

Euro Marble Supply invests in Proliners and employees

Euro Marble Supply, Ltd (Illinois, USA) is specialized in the fabrication and installation of fine marble and granite. Their mission statement:
Serving Chicagoland’s homeowners, home builders, designers and architects with superior craftsmanship and customer service for more than 20 years.

They accomplish this in part by utilizing two Proliners CS with Stone CT for digital templating and by understanding the importance of investing in employee training. Piotr Abucewicz and Agnieszka Koralewicz recently came to Prodim USA for Proliner Training. Piotr has been with Euro Marble Supply, but was previously involved in the installation area and Agnieszka is new to the company.

Although both could have learned how to use the Proliner from other employees, the owners of the company felt it was important for them to come to our facility and develop their own method based on our training. As Piotr stated: “It is much easier and better to learn the equipment here than at the customer’s location.” Agnieszka stated: “I wanted to understand the Proliner, not just be told to do it this way.”

Both were excited to pick up new tips and ideas to take back to the company and share with the other templaters. Piotr mentioned: “The people at Euro Marble Supply are always looking for ways to work smarter – not harder, and the Proliner is a great tool for that!”


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