Modeco Creation shares insights into the Proliner’ s impact on their projects

Modeco, based in Beauraing Namur, Belgium, is a premier specialist in Corian® work, offering a diverse array of projects ranging from bathroom sinks, walls and ceiling coverings, shower trays and walls, kitchen countertops and sinks, stairs, bars, to offices and reception counters.
Their commitment to precision and excellence led them to invest in a very versatile Proliner package – the Proliner Templator package –  in 2021, a decision that has transformed their workflow.

Mr. Laurent PIRON, a dedicated Proliner user at Modeco, shared insights into its impact on their projects. He highlighted a recent staircase project (photos above) where the Proliner played a pivotal role in ensuring precision against rough cladding. With the Proliner “we can digitally template curves with unparalleled precision and speed, ensuring that all constraints of the supports in place are meticulously followed!” – tells us Mr. PIRON.

Mr. PIRON emphasized that the Proliner has become an indispensable tool in their daily operations, used extensively throughout the week for over two years: “The Proliner ability to streamline processes and eliminate the need for on-site adjustments has allowed our team to focus on the finer details, ultimately enhancing the quality of our craftsmanship.”
In conclusion, Mr. PIRON affirmed: “We couldn’t do without the Proliner!”




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