Cristalleries Bisbal: “There are simply no mistakes with the Proliner!”

Cristalleries Bisbal is a company located in Girona, in the region of Catalonia in Spain. They produce and install projects in monolithic glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, and mirror applications, among others. They decided to go for the Proliner Glass Package as a solution to increase their productivity and efficiency in their glass projects. Juan Burgas told us more about it:

“We use the Proliner on a daily basis and have improved a lot specifically in the digital creation of templates while measuring with it, due to both its precision and speed. We use it on-site and also edit the files in our factory. It is very easy to transfer the files from the Proliner to the computer and directly to the CNC machine to send them to production. The finished piece remains directly in the Proliner, since editing the measurement is very simple and fast.

Of all the qualities that the Proliner has, our favorite above all is the speed and simplicity of being able to make digital templates wherever you go, the precision is spectacular, and there are simply no mistakes!”


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