Horn Bordplader: “Measuring with the Proliner prevents projects from being screwed”

Horn Bordplader is a company from Aulum, Denmark specialized in the manufacture of countertops. Their business varies using elements from wood countertops to stones, Corian and laminated surfaces. They decided to go for the Proliner Stone templator package since it is very practical and easy to utilize.

Claus, Jan, Per and Søren from the company: “The Proliner is the easiest and most simple machine to do digital measurements available in the market. We can apply it according our personal needs and it has all the tools our company needs to optimize the work.’’ They continued: ‘‘The precision level during the measurements is very accurate and we are able to fulfil our customer’s expectations which are very high in the Danish market. Sometimes 1mm difference in the measurement can screw your day. When you do it manually, the chances you get imprecisions is high. With the Proliner it does not happen. So we have improved a lot in this aspect.”

They added: “We got to know the Proliner through different colleagues in the business and they are also very happy using the Proliner. It really accomplishes what it promises and avoids headaches!‘‘

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