“Dimitrij und Jurij Sosin” uses the Proliner’s capabilities to expand their business

“Dimitrij und Jurij Sosin” is a German company from Nordrhein-Westfalen specialized in measuring and assembling kitchens, countertops and backsplashes. They got to know the Proliner three years ago from another company and were immediately impressed by the device’s capabilities. They recently decided to invest in a Proliner Stone package for their own company.

Dimitrij elaborates: “Back then, we knew right away that we could achieve great results with the Proliner. It is easy to make mistakes when you measure and process measurements with tape and hand tools. The Proliner’s digital measurements are accurate, cannot be misinterpreted and are in no time processed for production with CNC-machinery. The Proliner provides the most effective way from measurement to production.”

He continues: “The Proliner will also enable us to expand our business. We can now carry out more projects that we measure and install ourselves and expect to get measurement orders from other companies as well. Furthermore, we are interested in extending our company’s activities by starting to measure other kinds of surfaces such as stairs. The Proliner will help achieve all of that.”