Utilizador Proliner Prodim MatPlus

The versatility of the Proliner helps MatPlus achieve their mission

MatPlus Inc. located in Painesville, Ohio was founded with a focus on bringing high quality and cost effective foam products to the industry. Although they specialize in making various foam shoe inserts, they recently purchased a Proliner 8 with Inverted Pen Technology (IPT) with the purpose of expanding their business to include boat decking.

Todd Green, Vice President of MatPlus, recently came for Proliner training at our Florida facility. He chose the Proliner because of its ease of use in make digital templates. He was interested to learn the many capabilities of the Proliner and stated: “This machine can be used for practically anything.”

MatPlus prides itself on providing unrivaled service to each and every customer. Investing in the Proliner is another means to achieve this and will fit well within their mission.


MatPlus website 


MatPlus could not bring their own Proliner since it was required for meauring on-site, so we used a Proliner 10IS instead.