Utilizador Proliner Prodim Aqua Traction Marine Flooring

The Proliner makes Ben Fort’s life easier

Ben Fort lives in Lakeland, FL and recently purchased a Proliner 8, equipped with Inverted Pen Technology for measuring hard-to-reach points and the Proliner Hook pen for measuring tubes. Ben is a full time active firefighter. In addition to that profession, he is becoming a dealer for AquaTraction Marine Flooring and will cover all of central Florida from the west coast to the east coast.

Ben is going to use the Proliner to create precise digital templates of boat and yacht flooring on-site. The digital templates will be used to CNC cut the AquaTraction flooring parts back in the factory.

During his training at our Fort Pierce, FL facility Ben stated: “The Proliner is the right tool to use in the marine flooring industry. With my busy schedule, the Proliner is just what I need to make life easier!”


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