Prodim Proliner TubeCheck software

Quality control for Pipes & Tubing with the Proliner 10IS TubeCheck

The different sizes, radii and angles makes measuring tubes and quality control a difficult job, regardless of whether you are measuring single bends, complex pipe shapes or planned pipe courses.  The Proliner Tracker 10IS and Tube Check Software are quality control solutions for the Metal Industry developed by Prodim. Both solutions offer 3D portable digital measuring and tube inspection software for bending machines and many other applications. TubeCheck gathers all necessary LRA and XYZ coordinate data for tubing and pipe bending.

The Proliner Tracker 10 (Industry Series)

The Proliner 10IS is a precise and reliable machine for immediate digital measuring, scanning and quality control.  Since the Proliner is portable and versatile – it can run on rechargeable batteries or via a socket connection for optimal power. The Proliner is simple to operate and uses physical touch with wire technology on an object’s surface or contour for very accurate results. The Proliner’s built-in CAD software combined with the large 10” touchscreen display makes it possible to check, edit and complete the measurements directly at the jobsite. The Proliner 10IS can measure points and contours with precision along with the integrated Proliner Leapfrog Software, measurements larger than 20 meters (65 feet) can be done very easily and accurately.  All measured data can be exported as a DXF (CAD) file into a PDF report.

TubeCheck Software​

Prodim TubeCheck Software is developed to gather, analyze and inspect LRA and XYZ coordinate data for tubes or pipes to ensure quality control.  Data is displayed as PASS or FAIL for ensuring precise quality control for tube or pipe bending machines.  Final calibration of bending machines can be adjusted according to the Tube Check Software calculations.  Tube Check combined with the Proliner is simply a good choice for tube inspection or any accurate quality control.

Tube 2016 Düsseldorf

From April 4 to 8, 2016 Prodim will attend the Tube fair in Germany, where it will present the improved advanced version of Prodim TubeCheck. In addition, demonstrations will be given not only to show how the measuring device and the software work, but also to familiarize people with the effective use of this unique solution. You can visit our booth at the Tube fair, hall 5, stand H09 and find out what Prodim’s solutions can do for your company.


More information about the Tube 2016 fair